Translations of the comments that are inside the soundtrack

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Translations of the comments that are inside the soundtrack

Postby SinReVi » Tue Oct 24, 2006 6:17 pm

Translated by Aqutalion

It's been a long time, everyone... Oh my, has it really been 10 years? Maybe that's not so long after all??
Now that "Est's" CD has been re-released thanks to Mr. Scitron, I'm happy and frightened at the same time.
"Est" has stuck with me despite the fact that 10 years have passed.
And now I send the songs off again. The emotions I have are complicated, like the simultaneous happiness and loneliness of a parent when their child leaves the nest.
This CD has the original songs from "1", "2" and "Yomi-den" [TLR, I guess] and plenty of new arrangements!! There is also a mysterious song that was not recorded in time to be included in the original work (?)...
Please enjoy the commentary written for each of these meaningful songs.
As for the arrangments, to be honest, I was very worried. I'm sure that songs like "Earth's Savior", "To the Future" and "Priphea Flower" hold a great deal of meaning for all of you.
At first, I considered all these songs, but after listening to them again after 10 years, I settled on "99 Years Later (Journey)".
Finally, I thank everyone who has continued to support "Est" all these years for making this possible. Thank you very much!! And I pray that "Est" will continue to live on in your hearts.

Song comments:
These explain the more meaningful songs from Est II. These are my scribblings about 10-year-old memories while listening to the songs again.

Track 36 "Time of Judgement"
When determining the light/dark mood of "Est", this song represents the "dark" mood. I came up with the idea to play the tympany and bells during Est 1, thinking they would be perfect for the Shikyoushin's theme.

Track 37 "Rumbling"
On the other hand, this song embodies the "light" mood. This was for made for the opening, and was meant to run comparatively quickly, about 2-3 minutes, like in Est. And so it grew. It ended up running more than 6 minutes. As a result, it was not able to be used for its original purpose (cry).

Track 38 "Journey"
This arrangement is of the song used for "Est's" opening and name entry, so I thought it would be easy to incorporate it into Est 2.

Track 41 "Earth"
This song, used for the map screen, has the same mood as in Est. The image is the same even after 99 years. When I sing this song to myself, I always get "1" and "2" mixed up (laugh).

Track 43 "Battle #1"
Because "1's" battle song was short and monotonous, this song was written to be like it (like it?). The movement of the bass and the breaks make this song more lively.

Track 48 "Peace"
This song was written for the ending, but it was written while the ending was being constructed and added later. It's probably a good thing that this song ended up having a motif of "love" for "2", just like "Priphea Flower" had for "1" (I think it was the 4th or 5th out of 10 takes)

Track 1 "Battle #2"
I think this is a relatively fast paced song. It has a different type of melody from "Battle #1", when you meet a mid-boss. This is one of my favorite songs.
Track 2 "Prophet"
This song is Iris' theme, which you hear several times throughout the game. The bells and harps make for a sad sound, and the chorus brings to mind a heart screaming out. It provides an exquisite bridge to "Earth's Savior"
Track 13 "Strongest Man"
This is my favorite character, Hydecka's [Dekar's] theme. It's used in the opening sequence, too. It was not written specifically for him, but was made his theme afterward. It became so after I became fascinated by his character. (By the way, my name comes up in Hydecka's scene in the opening sequence).
Track 25 "Lexus Shaia's Lab"
I wrote an eccentric-sounding song to keep with the feel from "1" (laugh). The image from "1"'s song was of a scientist noisily building something, so I used the tympany to suggest a factory and a marimba to suggest screws.
Track 35 "Heaven in a Pot"
This climactic song was written to be sound grave and prayerful. The tympany and bells form the forefront, to suggest the coming final battle and the connection to the Shikyoushin [Sinistrals].
Track 38 "Final Quest"
I wrote this song without considering 1's opening events, since at the time, I did not know of the relationship between "2" and "1".
I used the data from "1" as-is for "2" without adjusting it. This is still one of my favorites, and has become a trademark of "Est".
Track 40 "Battle #3"
The fight with the Shikyoushin occured in "1" as well, but as I said before it was an opening event. However, in "2" it is the final battle. This worried me. It took a lot of time. I kept rewriting the melody and rhythm over and over. I'll never forget how happy I was when it was done (cry).
Track 41 "Final battle"
I am very happy this song could be included on the CD this time. As you know, you could only hear this song on the game. When the previous CD was being recorded, this song was meant to be replaced by "Battle #3" (because it's a hidden song). But when the recording was finished, I found this song used for the battle with Dios [Daos]... The soundtrack was released without this song. I'm very glad it was included this time.
Track 43 "Earth's Savior"
This song begins with the end of "Prophet". I still remember getting goosebumps from this song the first time I played the game. I worked hard to give it the feel of a mad rush to escape.
Track 44 "To the Future"
I think this was the most difficult song. I wanted a feel of gentleness for the song where Maxim and Selena [Selan] gather near their child. The theme of the song is "love", with a slow drumbeat temp leading to the ending. I remember I couldn't stop crying as I watched the ending (cry).
Track 45 "Priphea Flower"
If you wait a little after the ending, this song play with the parameters and the hidden mode. I thought this was the most appropriate song to use for the ending.
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